Trip Styles

For the convenience of our clients, GEC has created trip styles to help define our adventures.

The below icons represent the specific styles we offer for our adventures.

These private tours are specifically designed to accommodate people with physical disabilities, including people in wheelchairs. If required, disabled travelers should be accompanied by a caretaker. Local guides are provided on these tours.
While Extension tours can be purchased on their own, these short tours are typically purchased as an extension to our longer tours. Local guides are provided on these tours unless the 'Independent' icon is shown.
Family Adventure
These tours are an excellent choice for families with children or for those that are simply young at heart. Local guides are provided on these tours unless the 'Independent' icon is shown.
Group Adventure
On Group tours, you will be joining other travelers for all or the majority of the adventure. These travelers may have booked through us and/or someone else. Group tours are a great way to meet other travelers from all over the world. Local guides provided. Tours may be a combination of 2+ smaller group tours.
On Independent tours, no local guides are provided. We provide the basics, you travel independently from point to point. This type of tour is an excellent choice for the more seasoned traveler who is looking for both value and convenience.
Multi Group/Private
Multi Style trips include a combination of both Private and Group tours. This mixture is perfect for many people, as it provides a balanced combo of both trip styles. Local Guides are included in both tour styles unless otherwise noted on the trip.
Most services on an exclusive/private basis, including local guides. Private tours do not tie you to the schedule of larger groups. This allows for greater freedom to explore & experience your destination.
Round the World
Travel around the globe on our original, fully-guided tours 'Around the World'. Join other adventurers on these exciting, once in a lifetime group tours, as we explore the wonders of our world. These tours are the very definition of cutting-edge.
Travel Club
Travel Club tours are organized small group tours sponsored and run by the Global Expeditions Club. GEC's small group trips are open for anyone to join. You can sign up as a solo traveler* OR join with a spouse, friends or other family members. All are welcome. These are our most popular trips and are a great way to both Make Friends and Travel the World! (*SOLO TRAVELERS: if you don't mind sharing with someone of the same gender, then we'll take care of the roommate matching for you -- or you can choose the optional single room supplement).