Trip Difficulty Level

To help our adventures get a general idea of the physical activity level of each trip, we have assigned a Trip Difficulty Level rating system that is based on the average person and should be adjusted based on your experience and physical abilities. This rating system should help you in choosing a trip that is appropriate for you and one that you will enjoy taking part in.

Some trips can contain a combination of several Trip Difficulty Levels, such as our Kilimanjaro Climb and Serengeti Safari Combo trip, in which case we will use what we perceive to be an overall difficulty level for the trip. Please refer to the itinerary for specific details of each trip.

Trip Difficulty Levels on GEC trips fall into the following six categories.

Level 1 - Easy and generally level walking on your own, up and down hotel and museum steps, and carrying your own bag.

Level 2 - Light walking and generally level hiking that is good for most fitness levels.

Level 3 - Walking and/or trekking on various types of moderate terrain, including rough trails or light canyoning. The trip may also include biking, whitewater rafting, kayaking and other activities that require an average level of fitness to enjoy.

Level 4 - Brisk trekking and various types of moderate to difficult terrain, including rough trails and more difficult canyoning. Requires an average to above average fitness level. Also for adventures that maintain a vigorous pace of back to back activities without long periods of rest.

Level 5 - High altitude treks above 10,000 feet (3,048 meters) and/or in fairly difficult terrain. May include up to 8 or more hours a day of trekking. Requires an above average fitness level. Also for adventures that require a higher level of stamina to maintain a very fast pace of numerous back to back activities.

Level 6 - High Altitude trekking above 15,000 feet(4,572 meters) with the possibility of difficult terrain and conditions. May include up to 10 or more hours a day of trekking. Requires a high level of fitness.

Of course if you would like more information or specific details on these ratings for a specific trip and/or activity, please refer to the trip detail page or contact our customer service department.