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In the land where life was born, Africa hasn't changed much in the past millennia. Giant animals still roam wild and where they wish, open grass plains still stretch unimpeded for thousands of miles, ancient monuments still stand in proud tribute to a grand civilization that has prevailed for thousands of years, brilliant sunsets still inspire poetic genius in even the most average of souls, and tribal people still live in harmony with the land, traveling in practiced unison with the seasons and animals.

Although Africa is the cradle of life, it is still a land of pure, simplistic beauty and awe-inspiring sights. It is a land that welcomes with a maternal embrace, yet at the same time gently reminds us that we represent but a fraction of Mother Nature’s grand plan. It is the type of place that, once visited, intoxicates your very being, becomes part of your soul, and blissfully occupies a small part of your heart for the remainder of your days.

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