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It might be safe to say, that you are reading this page because you’re looking for some ideas of where to travel to. A spark of inspiration; a suggestion for the adventurous.
Kilimanjaro, Marangu Route

The easiest solution would be for me to recommend a trip and sit back and watch the smile spread across your face but alas, I cannot make it that simple as everyone is different. It’s the difference in all of us that ensures the whole earth is explored with equal enthusiasm and our passion for life which takes us down our very own path of discovery.

I can however provide the props, make references to destinations and package a thought into a concept but the final decision is yours to make because it is your memory that will be ultimately created. An adventure that will remain with you fondly for the rest of your life.

Cambodia, Angkor Wat
Ask yourself, where in the world would make my top three countries? What is it about these countries that interest me? Is there any particular place that peaks my curiosity or has there ever been a destination that looked amazing but must surely be out of my league or budget. Rule number one: Do not rule out anything just yet.

When I think of an adventure that I would like, I consider my preferences, my energy level and above all, my fascination level.

Africa: Dogon Country

Let’s try some deduction. Choosing an adventure is not a paradoxical enigma but by all means it is not a very simple task either or you would have given up on my ramblings and moved on by now.

So now that we have become acquainted and have moved the chairs to the outside of the room, let’s role up our sleeves and begin the selection process.

Hot: Serengeti Safari – A Timeless African Adventure
Cold: Kilimanjaro – Marangu Route
Dry: GLOBAL EXPEDITIONS CLUB – Egypt: A Classic Group Expedition to the Land of the Pharaohs
Wet: Costa Rica – The Pure Adrenaline Tour
Ultimate African Safari, Serengeti Giraffes
Jungle: Peru – The Amazon Rainforest
Mountain: Classic Mount Everest Base Camp
with Kala Pathar
Ocean: Vietnam – The Complete Tour
Gobi Desert, Camel Trek

India, Taj Mahal
Cultural: Thailand – A Classic Journey
India – Classic Taj Mahal Tour
Active: Tibet – Mt. Everest Base Camp Classic Overland
2 Legs: Nepal – Poon Hill Trek
4 Legs: Mongolia – Gobi Desert Camel Trek

Well known: Peru – Machu Picchu & the Amazon Rainforest
Off the Beaten path: Laos & Cambodia – An Exclusive Journey
Bhutan – A Cultural Experience
Memory of a life time: ‘Around The World’ Fall Tour
Peru, Machu Picchu

Bhutan, Tiger’s Nest Monastery
Not to sway you at all but I can’t go through this exercise without sharing with you my top five picks. On any week however, this list is more than likely to change as I could just as easily provide my top 10, top 20, top 100... I think you get the picture; there is a huge wonderful world out there just waiting to be found. So seeing as I am prohibited from saying all of them, here goes...
5) Thailand
4) African Safari
3) Nepal
2) Peru, Machu Picchu
1) Costa Rica
Africa, Serengeti

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(PRIVATE) Costa Rica: The Ultimate Family Eco-Adventure - 8 Days
(PRIVATE) Kilimanjaro: Marangu Route - 7 Days
(PRIVATE)Tibet & Nepal: 13 Day Classic Overland Through the Himalaya, with Mt. Everest Base Camp (Fly In/Fly Out)
GroupEgypt: Luxury Group Expedition & Nile River Cruise
(PRIVATE) Costa Rica: A Nature and Eco Adventure For All Ages - 8 Days
(PRIVATE) Egypt: Luxury Expedition & Nile River Cruise - 8 Days

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